Music Tuition

Welcome to Mantra Music Tuition!

Founded in 2013 by guitar teacher Luke Marsh, Mantra Music Tuition is a private mobile guitar school specialising in total beginners to music all the way through to intermediate musicians.

We believe that music is a part of everyone’s lives, it is a universal language that connects people – and everybody has the potential to express themselves through music performance. Whether you’re simply a radio listener on the way to work every morning, or an avid Led Zeppelin fan, we can get you started and moving forward toward your guitar goals!

Mantra Music Tuition currently services Woodcroft College, and privately in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Tuition rates (as of 2016):

  • $30.00 – per 30 minute lesson
  • $40.00 – per 45 minute lesson
  • $50.00 – per 60 minute lesson


Contact us now to enrol!